TOP 5 SxSW Bands (not from SF)

Girl Talkarticle and photo by: Stefan Aronsen

I spent a week in Austin for SxSW and all I got for you were more band recommendations.

I attended SxSW this year with my co-workers Sara, Smitty and Mike from DeliRadio. In addition to making great connections with tech companies such as Pandora, Spotify, GoPro and Applauze, I also saw tons of amazing bands. I thought it only fair that I return to San Francisco and share some of my discoveries with you. There were tons of SF bands at SxSW and I saw a lot of them. (i.e. The Family Crest, The Soft White Sixties, Before The Brave, Travis Hayes, Owl Paws, 8th-grader & Cocktails) But you already know I love them … so I wanted to share other discoveries I made of bands that aren’t from around here.

Here are my top 5 SxSW Bands not from SF:

Baskery (Discovered while at: #DynMMT)
They are a Swedish band that is based in Stockholm. Comprised of three sisters Greta, Stella and Sunniva Bondesson, their sound is best described as alternative, americana, folk-rock.

Deer Tick (Discovered while at: #DynMMT)
Baskery was a wonderful accidental find at DYN … I specifically went to see Deer Tick. They are five dudes from Providence, RI, whose layered songs create a fun rock ‘n roll style that is super easy to get lost in.

Quiet Company (Discovered while at: Casa de Applauze)
Based in Austin, Texas, you might say SXSW was held in their backyard. Listen to their songs, I think you’ll enjoy their blend of explosive energy & ambitious melodies, which create their amazing pop-rock sound.

Typhoon (Discovered while at: Where: KUTX Live at the Four Seasons)
On Wednesday morning I woke up at 7:30 a.m. to catch a 8 a.m. Lucius show at Four Seasons for KUTX. Unfortunately, I was standing in a very long line while Lucius played… but the good news is I got to see Typhoon from Portland, Oregon. Formed in 2005, you might say this 13 piece band literally fills the room.

Girl Talk (Discovered while at: Where: Stubb’s Secret Show)
Stubbs in Austin had many secret shows. I was walking by during one, and was pleasantly surprised to discover I had accidentally put myself in the middle of a Girl Talk set. This Pittsburgh-native creates sample-based dance tracks that mash-up recognizable samples of recent singles into super danceable new hits.

Want some more suggestions? You should also check out DeliRadio’s Artist Relations Manager Mike Chouinard’s suggestions. (See full post here.)

Mike_StefanMike Chouinard, Director of Artist Engagement (pictured at left): Music festivals are tiring for a fan where having to choose between two acts at the same time occurs. SXSW takes this tenfold and is a labyrinth of trying to see how many acts you can catch. This is why I’ve decided to stray from bands I know well and will be able to see once they come to my town. Here are five I either found by exciting accident, or by well-timed shortcuts and videogame-like pedi-cabs:

ModocAnna VogelzangPsychic TwinJoywave & Basecamp

Listen to the playlist:

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