2nd Nature, FWOB & Everyone Is Dirty at Mutiny Radio

FWOB_Mutiny_RadioRadio show host: Stefan Aronsen

You might have thought it couldn’t happen … until I did it. Three bands one night with only 2 hours of time to do it.

Check out the band profiles for more details:


2ND Nature
Genre – Hip Hop
Band Members – 2ND nature
Hometown – Stockton, CA

Short Description – 2ND place sounds just right. #PinkiesOut

Current Location – San Francisco, CA

Influences – Atticus Finch, Oskar Schindler, Dexter Morgan, Robocop, Liam Neeson, 2Chainz.

Twitter – 2ndnaturethemc
Instagram – 2ndnaturethemc


Genre – Hardcore PunkDisco…aka…Sasscore
Band Members – Cadet Edac & White Trash Ninja
Hometown – San Francisco, CA



WHITE TRASH NINJA and Cadet Edac are YOUR…Friends W/O Benefits!

With the power of music and Positive Mental Attitude
the game is about to be changed
the war between technology and experience will be won
you can bet, This Is Real.


Artists We Also Like

Fugazi, LCD Soundsystem, Blink 182, the Dismemberment Plan, Wu-Tang Clan, Q And Not U, American Nightmare



Skateboarding, Pro Wrestling, Photosynthesis, Hoodslam






Everyone is Dirty
Genre – art-rock
Band Members – Sivan Lioncub, Christopher Daddio, Tony Sales, Tyler English
Hometown – Oakland
Record Label – Tricycle Records



“Setting aside the darkly ear-wormy melodies, haunting vocals, and refreshingly crisp grunge-pop that goes into Everyone Is Dirty’s sound, it’s singer Sivan Lioncub’s violin slicing sweetly above the chaos of a final chorus, adding a heightened sense of gothic romance to a bridge that sets the Oakland art-rock quartet apart from the current fuzzy, grungy masses.” / Emma Silvers, San Francisco Bay Guardian”




Stefan Aronsen

Stefan Aronsen

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Stefan Aronsen

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