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In life… there are a lot of things you can control. Anxiety is not one of them. I started this article feeling a little deflated and overwhelmed… Then realized there is a lesson in it.

I’ve spent my life specializing in graphic design. I take a lot of pride in the education I’ve received. Undergraduate was easy! I coasted through that degree. (everyday was happy hour) Then I started grad-school. Nobody warned me! I had no idea the amount of stress and anxiety I had signed up for. They really need counselors in grad school. Real live psychology counselors!

I finished grad school… I thought the anxiety would dissipate as i separated myself from school. At first it did. I ran away to Portland, then New York, followed by a stint in Boston. When I came back to SF real life kicked in. I panicked. Oh $ht. I need a job. I have to pay for rent.

And then a whole new anxiety set in.
I don’t know about you… But I find anxiety to be very debilitating.
When it sets in… I feel un-able to do all the things I need to do… in order to not feel it anymore.
(Viscous circle!)
I have no idea how country singers write songs sad songs.
Doesn’t depression have the same result?

Well… This is my Advice for those that are overwhelmed, depressed or anxious:

  1. Don’t be proud, ask for help.
  2. Find a friend or family member that is good at giving hugs.
    (You’re going to need a ton of these.)
  3. Find a friend or family member that is good a kicking you in the ass.
    (You’re going to need a ton of this!)
  4. Then when you asked for help, got a hug, got a kick in the ass….
    Go for a walk, run, or bike ride, you need to exert some energy.
    (Somebody told me that most brilliant thinkers go for walks when they’re stumped.)
  5. Now when you come back… Make a list of what you need to accomplish.
  6. List the supplies you need to accomplish it.
  7. Set due dates.
  8. THEN DO IT… No more excuses!!! You gotta get $ht done…

If none of this works… Seek counseling!!! (I’m serious)

Stefan Aronsen

Stefan Aronsen

Band Aid, Art Director & CEO at SF INTERCOM see his design portfolio at Stefan Aronsen

Stefan Aronsen is a graphic designer that specializes in helping bands & brands become more viable utilizing his 5 P’s – Plan, Personify, Promote, Plug-in, Play.

Stefan Aronsen

Stefan Aronsen

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