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SF Intercom was created by Stefan Aronsen to help bands become more viable.  Stefan specializes in graphic design, his ability to plan, personify, promote & plug-in  has earned him jobs with multiple successful music labels, start-ups and bands. He knows that while ecah projects faces different obstacles, one constant in the music industry is the sheer level of difficulty in surviving.

CONTACT: 415.894.2302 or stefan [at]

Olivia Parriott & Mike G, Colleagues

Wiretap Music is the closest thing to a SF Intercom’s precursor in existence. In developing SF Intercom, a strong working relationship grew between SF Intercom and Wiretap, which has evolved into an official partnership. Wiretap provides fans with interviews with bands, videos of performances, and reviews of new releases. The videos are more refined and edited than the  footage found anywhere else.  Wiretap also hosts shows and splits profits with the musicians, and local organizations, directly helping the local indie music scene.  By partnering with Wiretap, SF Intercom’s resources can be used to specifically help the bands, while Wiretap focuses on the fans.

Zen Zenith, Senior Designer & Editor & BUZZ: a survival guide for bands

Home-schooled and hugely huggable, Zenith is lead singer of the talented indie band Please Do Not Fight.  His eye for clean design kept Buzz Magazine looking sharp. His personal involvement in the indie music scene kept its voice authentic. And his ebullient spirit aided SF Intercom morale when obstacles presented. Zenith splits his time equally among making music, teaching guitar, and leading events for fellow “unschooled” folks.

Cameron Marling, Contributing Writer

Cameron came to SF Intercom from Australia. His love of local music can be seen in his amazing efforts on and at SF Intercom. When not working on articles about local talent, Cameron works at Yonas Media. He specializes in Marketing/Advertising which he studied at Queensland University of Technology. He lives in San Francisco, California now… but I know I’m going to lose him soon.

Jeff Watkins, Contributing Writer & BUZZ: a survival guide for bands

Studied Music Industry at both USC and down the street from Nashville’s Music Row at Belmont University, his knowledge of the industry over floweth. Worked on lighting crews for shows featuring Rufus Wainwright, John Williams and Ozomatli. Most proud of getting coffee for music execs at 20th Century Fox, grabbing Diet Coke for execs at Sony Music, and picking up Jack-in-the-Box for Seattle’s Origin Records crew.

Jacob Rubin-Hennessey, Contributing Writer & BUZZ: a survival guide for bands

There’s something profound in that first friendship in a new city.  Hennessey-Rubin has remained a constructive, insightful ally to Aronsen and SF Intercom even as his personal focus has shifted from graphic to industrial design. Acting as a personal curator of over 200 blogs, Hennessy-Rubin kept Aronsen’s own finger firmly planted on the indie music pulse.

Ian Tuttle, Contributing Writer & BUZZ: a survival guide for bands

Tuttle moved into SF Intercom’s offices as a writer among graphic artists. His multiple projects span from a novel-in-progress to a weekly short-fiction blog. Tuttle contributed his talents as a copywriter to many stages of SF Intercom’s growth, drafting business plans, venue summaries, and bios. He brought insight and clear vision to the dispersed cloud of possibilities of Buzz Magazine’ mid-life crisis stage.

Stephanie “REGS” Trapp, Photographer & BUZZ: a survival guide for bands

There’s an intimate power in small spaces. “Regs” trains her street-savvy eye on the ubiquitous and shrinks it, making it personal.  She is responsible for the Dead Tweet photos throughout Buzz Magazine.  She spends her time working on her own photography, photo assignments for SF Station, and taking in as much local indie music as possible. Babysitting provides a positive and lively balance to her typical photographic material.

Brandileigha, Contributing Writer & BUZZ: a survival guide for bands

Opinionated and bold, Stracner takes advantage of her job as an intern at Live 105 to attend and critique as many local shows as she can handle, which is just about all of them. Stracner looks for a personal connection between band and fans, and her interviews, writing, and professional connections built solid relationships among many indie bands and Buzz Magazine.

Stefan Aronsen

Stefan Aronsen

Band Aid, Art Director & CEO at SF INTERCOM see his design portfolio at Stefan Aronsen

Stefan Aronsen is a graphic designer that specializes in helping bands & brands become more viable utilizing his 5 P’s – Plan, Personify, Promote, Plug-in, Play.

Stefan Aronsen

Stefan Aronsen

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