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Buzz helps the community flourish by actively curating a collection of advice from…
Buzz provides unique guidance and best practices across every style of music, based on…
Buzz is a survival guide to the present day live music landscape. A rapidly and radically…
Buzz brings professional design directly to bands, helping musicians distinguish…
By emphasizing advice from existing bands, spotlighting venues that cater to indie music…
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I started writing SF Intercom 3 years ago for two reasons. One, to help musicians survive, and two, as a way to get involved in the indie scene I so dearly loved.  SF Intercom started as a design thesis aimed at getting musicians more access to design/marketing/promoting advice. Such advice can be extremely expensive. My goal was to leverage existing advice from other successful bands. I assumed if bands taught other bands/fans and industry professionals shared advice… the indie scene would thrive. I’ve always wanted to be in a band myself… but with many failed attempts at learning instruments I finally realized my calling as a “Groupie with a Purpose.”

Please read, download & share these survival guides. My hope is that they help you become more viable and that you find valuable answers to your design struggles. As per usual… if you have questions or want to make suggestions feel free to email me at:

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Guest DJ’s Cory, Scott & Jared on Mutiny Radio

Promoted The Stone Foxes November residency as well as shows from other Bay Area Bands. Then played 2 hours of songs from local bands. You’ll hear music from The Stone Foxes, then with help from Scott from Low Country Kingdom & Jared from Abott Kinney helped me promote music from: Lia Rose, Grow & Twine, The Sam Chase, Panic Is Perfect with Go Go Go and more.
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Bay Area Bands on Mutiny Radio

Started with 3 songs from The Stone Foxes to help promote their November residency. Then promoted shows & music from loads and loads of Bay Area Bands. You’ll hear music from: Osage, Grow & Twine, tried to play Fringe, then you heard Hundred Days, Sugar & Gold and more.
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