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Guest DJ’s Cory, Scott & Jared on Mutiny Radio


Promoted The Stone Foxes November residency as well as shows from other Bay Area Bands. Then played 2 hours of songs from local bands.

You’ll hear music from The Stone Foxes, then with help from Scott from Low Country Kingdom & Jared from Abott Kinney helped me promote music from: Lia Rose, Grow & Twine, The Sam Chase, Panic Is Perfect with Go Go Go and more.

Bay Area Bands on Mutiny Radio


Started with 3 songs from The Stone Foxes to help promote their November residency. Then promoted shows & music from loads and loads of Bay Area Bands.

You’ll hear music from: Osage, Grow & Twine, tried to play Fringe, then you heard Hundred Days, Sugar & Gold and more.

Lila Rose, Jared Swanson & Robin Bacior on Mutiny


Three bands in the studio creating a magical treat for your ears. Listen and be amazed.

More Band Details:
Lila Rose, Jared Swanson & Robin Bacior

Melvoy on Mutiny Radio


A special treat for your ears, Emmanuel Castro his SF band Melvoy joined us in the Mutiny Radio studio.

MELVOY, whos name is an anagram for My Love, plays as a high energy three-piece with friends rotating as bassist and drummer, slipping in horn player Aaron Priskorn for select tracks. MELVOY is a reminder, that Rock+Roll hasn’t completely vanished — it’s just been cooped up in a box of sunshine and tequila.

Miles Read, Emily Afton & Celestial Zenith on Mutiny


Radio show host: Stefan Aronsen I did it once, so I thought I’d try it twice. Two bands & a Drama Performance all in one night with only 2 hours of time to do it. Check out the band profiles for more details: Celestial Zenith Short Description A NEW ONE WOMAN SHOW exploring one girls breakneck journey through […]

2nd Nature, FWOB & Everyone Is Dirty at Mutiny Radio


Radio show host: Stefan Aronsen You might have thought it couldn’t happen … until I did it. Three bands one night with only 2 hours of time to do it. Check out the band profiles for more details: 2ND Nature Genre – Hip Hop Band Members – 2ND nature Hometown – Stockton, CA Short Description – 2ND […]

The Chapel SF


THE CHAPEL 777 Valencia Street at 19th Originally built in 1914 as a mortuary, The Chapel has been renovated by veteran Bay Area commercial real estate developer and restaurateur Jack Knowles. The beautiful chapel with its 40-foot high arched ceiling has been converted to a music room with mezzanine, while the rest of the building […]

TV Microwave at Mutiny Radio


It started with music from 20th Street Block Party and ended with special guests TV Microwave.

TV Microwave is a Hawaiian pop punk band with songs about feeling ways about stuff.

NYX and Ave Grave at Mutiny Radio


It was the day after my birthday, so it was a hung over show with NYX and Ave Grave.

Bay Area Bands & Guest DJs


No live bands … just 2 hours of recorded music from amazing local bay area bands.

Also my friends Brandileigha & Liz came in to the studio and did a great job of hosting the show with me. At the 1 hour mark we talked about PMV Branches videos. Here is a link to those videos:

Record Day at Mutiny Radio


Playing records at Mutiny Radio with my friends Barbie and Kim.

Also Davis from Growwler came to the studio 10 minutes before my show ended and debuted a new single. Listen to the whole show to hear that track.

LIVE EVIL: Walk Out to Rock Out


Live Evil is the heavy metal playground that for over 19 years existed only in the mind of wannabe rocker Laurent Martini, whose love of Motley Crue drove him to pen over 120 song lyrics during his teen-aged years as he tried (albeit in vain) to evoke the rocker lifestyle: loose women, boozing, and life on the road.

SF MusicTech 16

Photo Nov 12, 9 25 57 AM

Billed as the last SF MusicTech in San Francisco … I’m praying this is just a marketing ploy to get a reaction from us!

I’m truly not ready for this to be the last one. When I started going to SF MusicTech in 2009, my first ticket was bought as a student. I knew no one in the industry and had no connections. If that weren’t enough … I had no idea where I was going.

Mutiny Radio: An Eardrum Party


Listen to another great show that features a cool local app called Crossfader and lots of Bay Area Bands.

MUTINY RADIO: The Damn Fanatics & Whalesoundz


Radio show host: Stefan Aronsen You are in for a treat, The Damn Fanatics and Whalesoundz. Balanced Breakfast friends of mine that I am excited to present to you on Mutiny Radio. Lucky me … I get to hang out with them every Thursday at Breakfast!!!  :) Here are some deets on The Damn Fanatics & […]

MUTINY RADIO: Katie Garibaldi


Mac Walker my friend and the promoter/buyer at Milk Bar came to the studio to test his radio voice. As if that weren’t enough the show featured a live performance from Katie Garibaldi.

A fun show … and I got to meet Katie’s parents!!! :)

MUTINY RADIO: Jenna Lavoie


I didn’t plan for a live artist … but I stole Jenna’s iPhone charger the day before. I told her if she ever wanted to see it again she had to come on my show.

I am not above stealing your stuff to get you on the show!!! :)



Sometimes it’s nice to chill in the studio with no live music and no special guest … this is one of those shows.

It was really nice to just chill in the studio by myself!!! :)

MUTINY RADIO: Growwler w/ Davis


Davis and I started as Instagram friends before we ever became real friends. It’s funny how social media can work that way.

It was great to have Davis & Robert on the show for 2 hours!!! :)

MUTINY RADIO: Travis Hayes & Alex Rasmussen


Radio show host: Stefan Aronsen Being a radio host for a show that features live performances is SUPER spoiling. It’s like a front row seat to your favorite bands. This show with my friends Travis Hayes and Alex Rasmussen was really good!!!  :) Here are links to the artists pages: Travis Hayes – Facebook Singer, songwriter […]

MUTINY RADIO: Friends w/o Benefits & Witchdream Mansion


Radio show host: Stefan Aronsen What a great show … filled with loads of crazy. This Sunday I hosted my “Friends w/o Benefits.” BHA! And SF Band Witchdream Mansion. Tons of silly indeed!!!  :) Here are the artists: Friends W/O Benefits – Facebook About: WHITE TRASH NINJA and Cadet Edac are …YOUR…Friends W/O Benefits From: San […]

MUTINY RADIO: Coachella 2014


I didn’t get to go to Coachella … but my friends did. Thus I decided the next best thing to being there was to create my own playlist of artist to listen to while sitting inside at Mutiny Radio.

Don’t question my methods!!! :)

SF MusicTech 15


I ♥ SF MusicTech

It is without a doubt my favorite place to see friends and meet music industry professionals from around the world. If that wasn’t enough … they also host informative panels with people I actually want to hear talk about their work.

MUTINY RADIO: Balanced Breakfast SF


article and photo by: Stefan Aronsen I host a breakfast every Thursday morning on Valencia St. in San Francisco. We draw fans, musicians & industry professionals. I dedicated my 2 hour show to the musicians from SF that come to the breakfast. There are some amazing musicians in SF, we have a scene that is maturing […]