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Has google blocked your website? Have you seen other weird problems crop up? If so, your domain might be infected with a virus, spyware, or other malware.

Before we begin I will assume that you have no idea what Malware is… Wikipedia defines malware as: “a software used or created by attackers to disrupt computer operation, gather sensitive information, or gain access to private computer systems. Malware includes computer viruseswormsspywareadware, trojan horses and other malicious programs.”

It is easier to get malware than you may have previously assumed. When Malware infiltrated my website it debilitated all 12 sites I had hosted on one server. (i.e. & to name just a few.) Convinced I could fix the problem myself I started researching how Malware gains access to sites and how I could keep it out.

  1. Hackers focus a lot of effort into hacking wordpress sites.
  2. Update to the newest version of WordPress regularly and ASAP!
  3. Keep all your plug-ins updated. (delete inactive plug-ins)
  4. Delete inactive users.
  5. Delete all themes you are not currently using.
  6. Insure that all user passwords contain 1 number & ideally a symbol.

The sad thing is… even with all of these precautions… if a Hacker want’s access to your site… they will find it!

After I made sure I followed steps 1-6 I then attempted to erase all malware on my own… It took 5 seconds to realize I had no idea what I was doing!!! After this realization I bribed a friend to fix it and fix it he did… three times!!! Every time he had my site clean and Google made it live again… the malware penetrated the site again… perhaps using one of my seemingly clean sites to do so. (Apparently hackers will leave 1 of your sites clean so you won’t assume they’ve gained access to it.)

After weeks of attempting to clean my domain on my own I finally gave up and hired a professional.

I called my host provider and they recommended a company called We Watch Your Website. I had looked for some companies on my own but you have to give them access to everything that you consider private and protected and that freaked me out. I had already been violated once… how could I be certain they themselves weren’t malicious as well?! For fear of picking a terminator myself I opted to use the one my host suggested.

I gave 100% access to all my domains to Thomas J. Raef from We Watch Your Website. He immediately started deleting code… after a week he told me that I had 8,484 infected files on my hosting account. I was very annoyed and offered to punch the hacker in the face. Thomas informed me that it was highly improbable that we would ever know who created the Malware. The original code was likely inserted using a public computer from a school or library. (Unable to punch my Hacker I created a video where I could.)

Eventually Thomas got all my sites clean… and now watches my sites to make sure that they stay clean. He also added some plug-ins that help keep my site protected, including: BulletProof Security & Wordfence Security.

So now I’m using some new apps to help with security on my WordPress and I encourage you to use them as well. My domain was infiltrated by malware… my readers were being directed away from my site and I pray daily you never have to experience it!

Please take my advice… don’t waste your time attempting to delete malware by yourself…


Contact Thomas J. Raef to clean your domain: – 1-877-793-6449
You may also Email me (Stefan) if you have questions:


profileSo what do you think? I’d love your feedback!
– Stefan



Stefan Aronsen

Stefan Aronsen

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