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Live Evil is CRAZY!

Here are some deets on the band:

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Live Evil is the heavy metal playground that for over 19 years existed only in the mind of wannabe rocker Laurent Martini, whose love of Motley Crue drove him to pen over 120 song lyrics during his teen-aged years as he tried (albeit in vain) to evoke the rocker lifestyle: loose women, boozing, and life on the road.

The only drawback to his dreamed super stardom and tattooed lifestyle has been Martini’s upper-middle class upbringing, elite private French schooling, and living at home in San Francisco’s Marina district until the age of 25.

The existence of Live Evil was destined by the Gods of Rock. Two-parts fist-pumping arena rock concert, Live Evil is an endearing cocktail ultimately about a childhood dream that refuses to fade.

  • Genre

    sex metal

  • Band Members

    Live- Vocals
    The Purge- Guitar
    Deathbone- Bass
    Porkchop- Drums

  • Hometown

    San Francisco

  • Record Label

    Fighting Drunk Records

  • Short Description

    Live Evil is the Champagne of Bands.

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