MUTINY RADIO: Derek from Owl Paws

owl_pawsarticle and photo by: Stefan Aronsen

It was going to be a no thrills show with friends … but my friend Elizabeth S. called Derek from Owl Paws to come play. Suddenly the show had a bit of spice.

About Owl Paws

Hailing from the foggy city of San Francisco, Owl Paws, brain child of Derek Schultz, began as a solo recording project in 2010. Soon thereafter, an ensemble formed featuring Timothy Vickers and Lucas Siobal. Complete with dreamy song-scapes, acoustic sonority, haunting harmony, lyrical honesty and a dynamic rhythm section, the band has created a sound that is distinctive and captivating – a uniqueness that rests in their cross-genre experimentation and a willingness to push musical boundaries. Unafraid to explore new frontiers in live music, they’ve performed on public transit, in caves, in clubs and in living rooms all over the West Coast. Their fourth official release will be available in fall, 2014.

Basic Info

Founded 2011

Genre Rock

Members Derek

Current Location San Francisco

Stefan Aronsen

Stefan Aronsen

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Stefan Aronsen

Stefan Aronsen

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