MUTINY RADIO: Doug Tiemann & Edith Crash

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Doug was recommended to me by my friend James. He was described as amazing … I think the description was spot on. Edith Crash played after Doug, she’s sings in French, but her energy translates smashingly.


 Blood & Dust


Folk/Americana/Soul acoustic music.
Confessional Songwriter Doug Tiemann makes up the project Blood & Dust


Some music you listen to and some music you just feel! Blood & Dust writes music that you feel in your gut and it makes you think about the world you live in; you can listen to his music and say, “I’ve been there before.” Blood & Dust is an Oakland based musician and songwriter. Born in the Midwest and raised in the south his music reflects his roots; each song features passionate lyrics and melodies that catch you and hold you. If you love great music you’ll love Blood & Dust.

Basic Info

Founded June 14, 2012

Genre Folk, Americana, Soul

Members Doug Tiemann

Hometown Oakland, CA

Influences Thad Cockrell, Derek Webb, Amos Lee, Iron and Wine, Shovels and Rope, Horse Feathers, Bill Withers, Van Morrison, Glen Hansard, Bob Dylan, Brandi Carlile, the Civil Wars, Elenowen, Jon Foreman, Fiction Family, Leagues, Matthew Mayfield, MPJ, Patty Griffin, Ryan Adams, The Decemberists, Tyler Lyle, The Wellspring, Wilco

Current Location Oakland CA

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“Crash, born in Perpignan, doesn’t fit in what somebody would expect a french songwriter would be. Start thinking in punk rock and in a more atlantic musical tradition: blues not being blues, rock not being rock, folk not being folk, western not being western… Everything and nothing at the same time. Like the chaos theory, but in contemporary songs shape!”

Ramon Marc Batallé

“The show culminated in an appearance by the well-known French singer Edith Crash, who equally evoked in my imagination the poignant passions of Siouxie Sioux, Kurt Cobain, and Jacques Brel. Everyone stood impressed by this strange foreign punky creature, transfixed by her fiery songs, though few of us understood even a single line being sung. As Crash was whelping out her final number, darkness began descending like a cozy blanket over the park.”

Basic Info

Joined Facebook 10/18/2012

Genre sometimes a man sometimes a woman

Hometown Perpignan / Barcelona

Record Label Vagueness Records & Autoproduction

Influences La liste est bien trop longue!

Current Location + Los Angeles +

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Booking Agent Sali Heraldez SolArt Radio/Take it ALL the Way Management 714 884 6441 cell

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