MUTINY RADIO: Jenna Lavoie


Radio show host: Stefan Aronsen

I didn’t plan for a live artist … but I stole Jenna’s iPhone charger the day before. I told her if she ever wanted to see it again she had to come on my show.

I am not above stealing your stuff to get you on the show!!!  :)

Here are some deets on Jenna Lavoie:


Jenna Lavoie - Facebook

About: Singer/Songwriter Jenna Lavoie, originally from Rhode Island, now living in San Francisco, is currently performing and recording her debut album. Since moving to “The City by the Bay”, she has garnered much attention from several music industry professionals. When she was a child her family nicknamed her “Songbird”, a title she wears well. Jenna’s original songs, performed magically on her ukulele, are a blend of moving and uplifting melodies and lyrics. Her music touches you deeply, making it easy to be a fan the first time you hear her play.

From: San Francisco


Stefan Aronsen

Stefan Aronsen

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