MUTINY RADIO: Katie Garibaldi


Radio show host: Stefan Aronsen

Mac Walker my friend and the promoter/buyer at Milk Bar came to the studio to test his radio voice. As if that weren’t enough the show featured a live performance from Katie Garibaldi.

A fun show … and I got to meet Katie’s parents!!!  :)

Here are some deets on Katie Garibaldi & Mac Walker:


Katie Garibaldi - Facebook

About: With her seventh full-length album newly released, and a brand new endorsement deal with Breedlove Stringed Instruments, who worked with the support of Two Old Hippies to build her a new custom guitar, Katie Garibaldi has proven to be an artist with staying power. Based in the golden city San Francisco, this determined and enthusiastic singer/songwriter/guitarist is an avid national touring performer who has acquired a devoted fan base, due in large part to her engaging live shows, and personal connection to her listeners through her music. She sings with an emotional nearness that, in combination with her melodic and catchy songs and her soulful and expressive vocals, captures her audience wherever she performs. While she’s been compared to household names such as Sheryl Crow, Jewel, and Taylor Swift, Katie has a characteristic musical style wherein her equally pop- and country-tinged folk-rock gives her a distinct and edgy sound—Americana with sparkling memorable melodies. 

From: San Francisco

Genre: Alt Pop/Singer-Songwriter and Americana

Artists We Also Like: The Beatles, Huey Lewis, Jewel, Sheryl Crow, Jonny Lang, Patty Griffin, Lisa Loeb, Mariah Carey, The Wallflowers, Shania Twain, Faith Hill, Tom Petty, Celine Dion

Basic Info:



Mac Walker - Facebook

About: Talent Buyer at Milk Bar, former manager of Solwave who graduated from UC Davis.

From: San Francisco

Basic Info:



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