MUTINY RADIO: Kendra Mckinley

kendra_mckinleyPhoto & Article by: Stefan Aronsen

She was new to SF and the first thing she did was join my music industry breakfast … so I one up’d that and invited her to be on my radio show.


Likened to one of Homer’s Sirens, Kendra McKinley sings with a voice that has the ability to bring even the rowdiest crowd to a standstill. A seasoned jazz guitarist and pianist, McKinley, 23, combines the sophistication of Tin Pan Alley melodies, the harmonic sensibilities of 1960s psychedelic chamber pop, and the seductive calm of Bossa Nova jazz to create intoxicating compositions guaranteed to excite a wide range of listeners. Now collaborating with an ensemble of seasoned instrumentalists, McKinley’s colorful compositions have been complemented by rich vocal harmony and lively rhythms making for a truly unforgettable musical experience.

Basic Info

Joined Facebook 04/25/2012

Genre Singer/Songwriter

Members Kendra McKinley

Hometown San Francisco, CA

Influences The Beatles, Joni Mitchell, Duke Ellington, Brian Wilson/The Beach Boys, Elis Regina, Weather Report, Beethoven…

Current Location Santa Cruz, CA

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