Noise Pop 2014 Schedule

Noise_Pop_1schedule by: Stefan Aronsen

Noise Pop Festival is by far my favorite week of music.

Below you will find my game plan for the week. I’m going to keep my advice simple:
1. Go to all the happy hours at Benders. They’re free … and I’ve discovered amazing bands in years past.
2. Don’t miss Nova Albion on Thursday at DNA.
3. Happy Fangs on Friday will be crazy fun!

Listen to the Noise Pop line up on DeliRadio –



Visit the Noise Pop page for the official schedule:

Stefan Aronsen

Stefan Aronsen

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Stefan Aronsen


The Damn Fanatics & Bear Lincoln on Mutiny Radio

Everything that could go wrong did … but then we fixed it … and ROCKED. The Damn Fanatics & Bear Lincoln were epic on Mutiny Radio. Nobody brought extension cords … we plugged too many things into one outlet. Somebody played their base and knocked out the power in the studio. Then I bumped a wire and killed my recording. We fixed power issues … then the bands killed it.
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John Miller, Derek Ted and Kevin Sullivan on Mutiny Radio

Four sexy men on one radio show … ladies watch out! This was a triple threat show with John Miller, Derek Ted and Kevin Sullivan. I only recently met John Miller, but I’ve been following Kevin Sullivan & Derek Ted for a few years now. Kevin’s band Rin Tin Tiger was blowing up in 2013. I got to know Derek pretty good in 2013 when his band Owl Paws toured to SxSW and played a small showcase I set up. So for me … this show was an all star line-up.
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Happy Fangs on Mutiny Radio

Things got a little crazy when Rebecca Bortman and Michael Cobra came on my show to mix things up. I’ve been following Rebecca since 2009 when she was in a hipstertastic and awesome indie band called My First Earthquake. You may remember them … they had an awesome song called “Cool in the Cool Way.”
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