NYX and Ave Grave at Mutiny Radio

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It was the day after my birthday, so it was a hung over show with NYX and Ave Grave.

Check out the band profiles for more details:

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After spending nearly a decade in beloved Chico-based “home school rock” band The Shimmies, Sean Galloway has branched out on his own to develop a solo project titled Ave Grave. Carried over from The Shimmies are the haunting melodies and memorable arrangements that we’ve come to know and expect from this incredibly talented musician. Galloway’s voice is that rare, elusive breed in the vein of Thom Yorke or Jeff Buckley which boasts an expansive emotive sweep, and a smoothness that slides easily over each note. What really makes Ave Grave such a memorable sound is Sean’s ability to infuse his own personality into each song. Running through every song is a current that’s equal parts melancholy and self-deprecating humor, which is tied together beautifully with Galloway’s innate sense of musicality that’s been perfected over the years. 

His self-titled album is out now.

-Zooey Mae, Synthesis Magazine

  • Genre

    quiet music

  • Band Members

    Sean Galloway

  • Hometown

    Chico, CA


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