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I have become quite a fan of Brian Zisk’s SF MusicTech Summit. I truly enjoy meeting all the visionaries of the evolving music / business / technology ecosystem.

I hope to meet you there; perhaps we can do business or simply discuss the future of the music industry in a proactive, conducive to deal making environment. Until then, I have gathered together my notes from the last one. My hope is that it benefits those that could not make it, and expands the experience and the memory of those fortunate enough to attend.

Bryan Zisk hosted the first panel at SF MusicTech, with him he brought Ime Archibong from Facebook. According to Ime Facebook is a great way to filter what’s happening in the music industry. He informed the audience that they could filter their news feed based on music and challenged them to try it. He also advises people too look up the great things happening on Rdio as well as Instagram. After Facebook, Zisk brought Stephen Philips from Twitter on stage. Stephen was recruited to Twitter from We Are Hunted. Together with Twitter they hope to figure out the future of the music industry and what role Twitter and Twitter Music will play in it. After Twitter, Zisk gave up the stage to Matt Masson and Aaron Ray. Matt talked about BitTorrent and all the good things they’re doing with data. He feels there are those that will use BitTorrent for pirating, but feels they are missing the point. Aaron pointed out all the amazing things BitTorrent has done for The Collective around Data and Metrics. He believes that Meta Data is the future. Matt ended by saying, “If you are still using BitTorrent for pirating, you are using it all wrong.”

There were a lot of amazing panels to see, choosing the right one was hard, but I knew I wanted to see Rachel Masters‘ panel. On her panel was Ronald Metellus from Rap Genius and Andrew Jervis of Bandcamp. Her first question, “Is the world getting smaller?” Andrew responded by saying “I just discovered some amazing electronic music from Russia.” With that response I felt it was safe to assume “YES!”

Ted Cohen of Tag Strategic and Gary Greenstein from WSGR talked about strategic deals. Ted made some good points, my favorite was, “research your potential investor, it needs to be a good fit.” (Somebody you want to have breakfast with!) Gary also pointed out that “Whoever is popular today, might not be popular tomorrow.” J Sider has been at every SF MusicTech I’ve attended … which is A LOT!!! (I always want to write Alot … but now I know that’s a monster!) On this panel he was accompanied by  Zoe Keating, Omri Mor & Benji Rogers. They are all interested in the future of experiences, and the ability to sell them. You can read more about their projects here: BANDPAGE EXPERIENCESPLEDGEMUSICZIIBRA and on ZOË’S BLOG.

In Judy Estrin’s panel they talked about live streaming. Judy coined the term “live-live” and everybody else played off it. Michael Cerda, Tony Riggins, Chris McCutcheon and Chris Roach all talked about the live experience and how to replicate it online. Their goal is to figure out how to monetize the “live-live” experience.

I moved on to Ethan Kaplan’s panel, it seemed like a good step to go from live streaming to concerts and ticket sales. Ethan’s first point was that social was a natural by-product of live shows. Mark Meziach, Jateen Parikah and Sean Porter focused on the idea of giving fans what they want. Which included responsive design, access via smart phones, and to help fans not experience F.O.M.O..

Finally Nate Auerbach from Tumblr pointed out that teenagers love Tumblr. (I can’t remember why!) Somebody on the panel, probably Nic Adler (I’m not certain about that!) said, “bunch of hipsters!” The rest of the panel, including Kaitlyn Moore, Mike Doernberg and Bryan Calhoun talked about finding the right tools for the job and advocated that you figure out the best ways to engage your fans.

This SF MusicTech was pretty amazing … I’m looking forward to the next one!!!


My goal for 2013 is to:

1. Attend more conferences.
2. Get paid for attending conferences.
– I would add hype to the event by leveraging my graphic recordings, my blog, and live streaming through a platform like: Ustream.
3. Speak on a panel at a conference.
– I would talk about the importance of marketing via my 5 P’s of survival:

Contact me via phone or email if you or anybody you know is interested.
Stefan Aronsen – 415.894.2302 – stefan [at] sf-inter.com

Stefan Aronsen

Stefan Aronsen

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