Record Day at Mutiny Radio


Radio show host: Stefan Aronsen

Playing records at Mutiny Radio with my friends Barbie and Kim.

Also Davis from Growwler came to the studio 10 minutes before my show ended and debuted a new single. Listen to the whole show to hear that track.

Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 10.38.13 AM
The story begins in 2008 as King Kongress: an ambitious, yet failed 6-person ensemble from Santa Cruz. Upon a move north to San Francisco in 2009, the group pares down to power trio form & dubs themselves ladyfinger. Their debut recording (“Burnt Sienna Brown”) is released in 2010 & recorded in the hills of Oregon by ex bandmate-turned-producer Ben Schaaff.
After a glowing reception to its release, the band relocates to the Whiteaker District in Eugene & rechristens themselves Growwler. The subsequent single “How can you be so Sure” earned them a finalist spot in Eugene Weekly’s “Next Big Thing” and artistic sponsorship via Ninkasi Brewery. A remix collaboration with Brooklyn-based Vinegar Hill Studios will follow in 2011.
They permanently relocated their songcraft & musical errantry back to San Fran Bay in 2012: releasing an EP (“Shooter’s Hill”) and explosive music video debut to accompany (awarded “Audience Favorite” at MVR ’13).Two expansive single releases (from their forthcoming album entitled “Even Tenor”) followed in 2013. Their first full-length LP will be released in late 2014.
Not content with “verse-chorus-verse” or a pop scene saturated with rubber artists singing fake plastic songs, Growwler is unpardonably happy making beautiful things, even if nobody cares.


Stefan Aronsen

Stefan Aronsen

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