SF MUSICTECH: Digital Strategy

Illustrated Notes by: Stefan – SF Intercom

Have you created a digital strategy? Do you even know what it means to create a digital strategy? If no… let me start by saying, “everybody needs one!” Check out these notes, then create your digital strategy.

Speakers Rachel MastersGlenn MillerTed CohenEthan KaplanJ SiderKen Waagner

Part 1

Part 2


Ted Cohen

  • Do your competitors suck?
  • Can you pair with your competitors?
  • Be honest!!!
  • Under Promise, Over Deliver.
  • Met with Webdoc
  • What value do you bring?
  • KEY: What is the simples way to get people excited?
  • I disagree! (do HOUND THEM or Be Persistent!)
J Sider

  • Everyone in here is working on making the industry better.
  • To be great you have to take risks!
  • A digital strategy is what musicians need to start with!!!
  • Focus on your users
  • Start by recruiting your friends with skills.
  • Patience is the best tool!!!
  • Don’t hound people.
  • Look up local act Una.
Ken Waagner

  • How willing are you to adopt early strategy?
  • How willing are you to fail?


Glenn Miller

  • You have to show people a WIN/WIN for a relationship to make sense.
  • Everything doesn’t work for everyone.
  • Custom plans make the difference.
  • Re-Target… Re-Ticket…
  • No one can know everything.
  • Get help.
  • If you give music (stuff) away from free… what doors do you open?
Rachel Masters

  • I disagree! (It’s not Too Risky to be first.)
  • How does what you do offline effect what you do online?
  • Invest extra time if you don’t have extra money.
  • Give people a reason to love you.
  • How can you create an experience?
Ethan Kaplan

  • It’s too risky to be first.
  • API is best!!!
  • Stop looking to other companies to solve “The Problem.”
  • Get engineers and create it.

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