Indie Band Survival Guide

article by: Stefan Aronsen

The 5 P’s of survival are Plan, Personify, Promote, Plug-in and Play. You have survival tips 1-4. Today I give you #5 and #6.

5_DON’T BE CHEAP OR YOU’LL LOOK CHEAP: Everything costs money. Some things cost more money than others. This is why many bands lean towards using cheap alternatives to the more costly commercial products. The down side is… You look cheap! You didn’t realize you were being judged but I received your lame flyer/cd/poster and instantly judged you. Consider this the next time you try and save a couple bucks.

6_DON’T SPEND MORE THAN IT’S WORTH: You are not the first band that needed a cd and you’re not the first to create a website. So you better frick’n know how much other bands paid and who they paid. There is absolutely no reason you should get burned. Use other bands as a resource when making big decisions such as these.



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