Singer and Song writer Duncan from DonCat

Duncan has a beautiful voice. It was a pleasure to have him on the SF Intercom show. Listen to the show and use the comment box below to let me know what you think.

NEXT LIVE SHOW: (Sunday 6-8pm)

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Jordan B. Wilson the One Man Band

This was Jordan B. Wilson’s show … but I started it with a wonderful homage to one of my favorite bands Social Studies from San Francisco. I thought it would be fun to play their music accompanied with bands that have played shows with them. I also played a few songs from bands that had former Social Studies band members in it.

If you want to see Jordan B. Wilson you can catch him at Market and Powell performing live almost every day! He is a busker … which means he plays the streets … and since he good … he plays the most popular street locations.

David Colón & Vessna Scheff


There is never a normal show on Sundays from 6-8pm. I simply grab the reigns and hold on for dear life.

I would like to thank David Colón for returning to the studio and bringing with him Vessna Scheff. It was an amazing show and their voices sounded oh so amazing. Check the out, they’ll be bringing some amazing stuff to you soon! Attached below is my Spinitron list of tracks played during my show. Spinitron also charts top artists played on internet radio, charts are located here: