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SF MusicTech 16

Billed as the last SF MusicTech in San Francisco … I’m praying this is just a marketing ploy to get a reaction from us!

I’m truly not ready for this to be the last one. When I started going to SF MusicTech in 2009, my first ticket was bought as a student. I knew no one in the industry and had no connections. If that weren’t enough … I had no idea where I was going.


SF MusicTech 15

I ♥ SF MusicTech

It is without a doubt my favorite place to see friends and meet music industry professionals from around the world. If that wasn’t enough … they also host informative panels with people I actually want to hear talk about their work.

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MY RANT TO: SF Weekly & The Bay

There were tons of people in attendance at The Chapel. I saw fans, bloggers, techies, industry folk and musicians. There were more people in attendance than could fit in the chairs they set up.

Ian S. Port opened the conversation with, So, I talked to 24 people about why the SF Music scene is dying. Instantly I felt my skin cringe! Suddenly 24 peoples opinions have deemed the scene dying. I looked around at the 200+ people in attendance and thought, “dying … really?!”



Drawing people at conferences is so much fun … but so frick’n hard! I’m always scared they’ll hate their drawing.

I was thinking about this today …. I’ve been drawing people since I was a little kid. While growing up my dad worked for American Airlines. Which means as a family we got to go on a lot of trips on plans. Best part, seeing new cities, worst part, flying standbye (D1,D2, D3) and sleeping in airports! Chicago (ORD) is the WORST, with it’s numerous terminals, bustling travelers and uber uncomfortable seats, JFK comes in a close 2nd. (But they both suck to sleep over night in!)



I have become quite a fan of Brian Zisk’s SF MusicTech Summit. I truly enjoy meeting all the visionaries of the evolving music / business / technology ecosystem.

I hope to meet you there; perhaps we can do business or simply discuss the future of the music industry in a proactive, conducive to deal making environment. Until then, I have gathered together my notes from the last one. My hope is that it benefits those that could not make it, and expands the experience and the memory of those fortunate enough to attend.


SF MUSICTECH XIII: Graphic Recordings

Brian Zisk’s SF MusicTech Summit now happens multiple times a year. I think this is great, because music visionaries need to be brought together more often. The music/business/technology ecosystem is changing so often, the only way to stay ahead of it is to gather and share knowledge. I am always excited to see the new developers, entrepreneurs, investors, service providers, journalists, musicians, and organizations in the scene. However, more than that … I love running in to friends I’ve made at past events. People leverage SF MusicTech for a variety of different goals. Some come to do business while others come to meet new people and discuss the future of the music industry in a proactive, conducive to deal making environment.

SF MUSICTECH ROUNDUP: Music in the Cloud

Notes Drawn By: Stefan – SF Intercom
Article By: Jeff Watkins

Highlights from SF MUSIC TECH:
Uncertainty in Cloud Music Industry

Antony Bruno; Billboard
Panel Includes:
Jon Irwin; Rhapsody
Larry Kenswil; Lawyer
Daren Tsui; mSpot

Much of this panel seemed like executives trying to one up each other and talk about how their own companies were leading the way in the cloud revolution. Surprisingly, some of the most interesting comments came from the panel’s lone lawyer, Larry Kenswil.

SF MUSICTECH ROUNDUP: Tools for your Band

Article By: Jeff Watkins
Notes Drawn By: Stefan – SF Intercom

Highlights from SF MUSIC TECH:
Tools For Your Band Panel.

Jolie O’Dell; Mashable
Panel Includes:
J Sider; RootMusic
Jaunique Sealey; Atom Digital
Josh Builder; The Orchard
Neil Vineberg; Thinglink

“There’s a huge diaspora of shit you can use.” Jolie O’Dell’s description of a wondering mass of digital tools, searching for a welcoming new home in music creators and fans struck a great initial tone. Here’s a best of from the panel.