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Grand Lake Islands & Travis Hayes

Generally speaking SF Intercom radio is all local all the time. However … when a great band (Grand Lake Islands) from a beautiful city (Portland, Or.) reaches out to me because they’re playing a show in our amazing city (San Francisco) … I GOTTA PUT THEM ON THE AIR!!!

It was an amazing show that opened with Grand Lake Islands and closed with Travis Hayes Busse. If you listen to the entire podcast … you’ll hear a great improve song in the middle by Bob. I put him on the spot to rage on the drums … he did (twice) … and thus created a masterpiece he titled “Diapers for Grandpa.”

The fun continued with Travis Hayes Busse, normally backed by a full band, however … more recently Travis has been playing a lot of shows by himself. His voice, passion and soul are so amazing and full he can fill the entire station with his energy alone! Listen to the show, I think you’re going to love what we created.