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I attended a Wes Leslie show at The Art Explosion in San Francisco. This is what he had to say about Survival.

What advice do you have for Bay Area Bands?
Give away your cd for free, nobody is paying for that shit anymore. Just get your music out there.

What bands are you currently following in the Bay Area?
Tiny Telivesion, Leslie and the Badgers, Audry Sessions, Jhameel

What is your favorite venue to play in SF?
The Depot on SF State and Velaruse in the Richmond

Band members:
Chloe Mier, Kristyn Poehner, Jordon Jo, Shayna Rader, Jhameel

Who is Tyler Cornfield?
Tyler Cornfield is Wes Leslie, Wes Leslie is Tyler Cornfield
(as if he didn’t already have a rock ‘n’ roll name!)


Wes Leslie and His Deadley Medley

Genre: Blue Grass
It sounds like Wes Leslie should be a folk singer, but that alone doesn’t make him one. No, it’s his roots, his family story, that led him on this journey. Inspired by romantic tales of his great-grandfather hopping trains to come out west, and with a beat-up acoustic that his mother taught him how to finger pick, Wes took off to find California and follow his family tradition. But you can’t hop freight trains that easily today.
Contact: wes [at] wesleslie.com
Website: www.wesleslie.com

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